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Title: The End
Author/Artist: Himeko Himura
Website: http://www.geocities.com/himekohimura
Rating: G
Notes: absolutely horrible fanfic. don't read it, please. I"m just...well, experimenting with these characters. I don't even know anything about the musicals, or at least the private lives of the individual actors. *sigh* yeah, horrible fic. Warning to whoever should read this fic.

"Takigawa-san." The taller man stopped, the only indication that he had heard the man behind him. Kimeru took a step forward. "Please don't ignore me."
"Don't you have a party to go to?" Takigawa Eiji questioned, his back still facing the smaller boy.
"Don't you have a party to go to as well, Takigawa-san?" Kimeru shot back. "You don't have to distance yourself from the group just because I'm there, you know."
"I'm not distancing myself--"
"Then what are you doing now?" Kimeru pressed. "Takigawa-san is our Buchou, do you not understand this?"
"It's only acting, Kimeru-kun," Eiji answered with a sigh, his shoulders hunched over. "Please leave me."
"I don't want to," Kimeru pouted. "I...You know that next time...we won't be able to have you..."
"You'll have another Buchou to persue, Fuji-san."
Kimeru would have laughed at that had the situation been different. Instead he chose to sigh. "Don't let this be the end."
"All things come to an end, Kimeru-kun," Eiji glanced over his shoulder, his eyes hard. "And this is the end of us. Good-bye, Kimeru-san."
As his footsteps faded into the distance, Kimeru let himself fall to the ground, wails of agony surrounding him like a cold blanket.

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