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I fail.
I am a pedo through and through.
Changmin is younger than I am. Like, Shoon younger. *DIES* wtfh. This is so wrong. Well, at least the rest of them are 20. Junsu is Dec, so he's only three months younger than I am, so it's all good. Jae is older than me by 8 months. But Changmin...WHY JENNIFER?! Okay, yeah, so it's only what? two years? it's not that big of a deal. He's over the consent age. But still. I srsly thought they were all older. I mean, they look hella a lot older than I do. But then again, I've gotten asked if i was 12 and they still card me at movie theaters. *sigh* This makes me sad. It is so not my fault if I think he's sexy. It's his fault for looking older than I am. *huffs*

Anyway, I spent yesterday doing some nyaing *proud* I should have been doing nya, but I think i've worn myself out on that. But after I'm done posting, I'll be working on Sapuri so ^__^

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