Jul. 5th, 2008

himekohimura: Ohno Satoshi (henry)
So I'm not quite as depressed as I was yesterday. I think my Super Junior folder is fine, but I might be wrong *crosses fingers* HOWEVER. My TVXQ folder is completely gone along with my small FTIsland and SS501 collection :O
I may have a heart attack soon...

Fortunately, Changmin made my day a bit happy by being his awesome self.

My favorites:
Fan: Ho, Jae, Min, Su, Chun! Good night! Lets meet in our dreams!!
Changmin: Must not dream. Must not dream. Ever!

Fan: Shin ki Shin ki Shin ki is the reason I'm alive!
Changmin: Girls Girls Girls are the reason I'm alive!

Fan: Do you like JaeJoong-Oppa? Does JaeJoong-oppa wash the dishes well? I also do the dishes~~
Changmin: I like normal girls.

Are you saying that Jae isn't a normal girl? XDD OH CHANGMIN. Your level of snark amazes me.

OH AND MY BIRTHDAY IS IN SEPTEMBER. So, you know, if any of you are super rich, would you mind buying one of these for me?

If I wasn't going to Japan this Winter, I'd so buy it. WTF JAPAN SRSLY.
himekohimura: Ohno Satoshi (doctor)
And I really don't know if I want to watch it *fears the end*
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