Jul. 3rd, 2008

himekohimura: Ohno Satoshi (poop)
Guys, I am so fucked. One of my harddrives decided that it hated me and I lost a bunch of files. Like...a lot of files. *CRY* All of my Stargate episodes, all my Arashi clips and Himitsu no Arashi-chan episodes. Stargate episodes and Himitsu can be easily replaced, but what really gets me is that I lost all of my pictures. Gigs worth of pictures go poof. *MORE CRYING* I have to go look if I got any of them backed up. I'm really hoping it wasn't my big folder of pics, like the one that has all of my TVXQ and SUJU stuff that I haven't backed up yet. I can deal with the loss of Johnny's stuff, because I have a lot and even a few gigs is only a small portion of what I have on whole, but the folder I think got deleted is the one that has all of the Korean stuff. *SADDENED* I'm also kinda erked about the Arashi clips because damn, some of that stuff was rare and now it's all gone *irritation* I have yet to go through the other stuff, but that same harddrive houses everything I have from the You&J groups, my Dai-sempai stuff, Johnny's Jr. stuff (as in SC and my MJ stuff), and my TV shows (MS, Utaban, Heyx3 + more). 500G of shit. Srsly, if it dies, I think my life will end.

And if that's not enough, but my Jumpdrive decided to blurp to. Erased everything I had from Death Note, Osen, and whatever I did from Ningen and Dreamboys. Not to mention a big chunk of my Cinepuri. So a whole month of work, down the drain. Yay for me. Thankfully I back up my jumpdrives a lot more than my harddrives, so I was able to retrieved maybe half of what I lost, but it's still two weeks worth of work that vanished into thin air. I'm still a little pee'd about the guy who stole my jump drive last time and set me back weeks and took all of the new stuff I had on a series that I've been working on so diligently (more urg). So yeah. Wasted summer.

Then my day gets even better when the janitor at my job tried to kill me by spraying some kind of air freshener that has sage in it. WTF. SRSLY. Got out of there as soon as I could, but my throat is still trying to close up on me and my head is pounding. ERG. I hate you world.

But to be on the positive side, Oh-chan looks all kinds of awesome insane crazy killer doesn't he? I really want to see Maou. Tomorrow~

Well, even though a bunch of shit has rained on me from above, I'll at least say my b-day congrats to Jungsu and Heechullie. Oppa-deul SARANGE~ *cue Marry U*
And to Massu, who should never be forgotten but usually is because of a certain other person. AISHITERU. Even though I haven't been showing it lately. *sings sappy TegoMasu songs*

If I didn't lose all my pictures, I'll set about doing some picspams for all of you.

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