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Catching up on Johnny's can be fun, except for the random 'omg Pi sat on you, you bitch' comments that I read at random about something or other about Code Blue. I wouldn't know since I'm not watching the series at all. But I did see the news report. Hmmm...OH BUT. I did see that performance on Nippon no Uta. OMG YUKATA. Men in Yukata are turn ons. SRSLY. Ohkura looked the best, imo. The boy was made for Yukatas. Yasuda reminded me of ghei and Subaru...*SIGHS HAPPILY* Major urge to glomp him and have my way with skinny ass. SRSLY. I wish they didn't pan away from the SubaRyo though...*sad* YES, THEY LIVE, BLUE. HAHA.

Oh T concert? Yunho looks like a girl. I'M SORRY OKAY. Srsly though. He beats out Umma this time around. It's the hair. I'm totally jealous. Random thrusting and rolling of hips and body. Not to mention the random molestation of Jae and Min. AWESOME. Junsu's voice was impressive as always and damn if I didn't want to do improper things to Yoochun's person. Phonesex voice. That's all I have to say about that.

I also fixed my computer, which was giving me this weird rattling noises whenever I turned it on. The proud that I feel for myself goes beyond words, srsly. One small step for the computer, one giant leap for Hime's non-existent computer skills. MY LAMAGE KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

Did you not learn from the last time?
I wonder who got him to go out though? Because Subaru's known not to leave his apartment unless someone bodily forces him out of it. *ponders* But srsly, he was drunk. I always say stupid things while drunk. Then again, I'm not a Johnny's, so nothing happens to me when I say that they should just die (which happens a lot) Srsly though, I think they're just exaggerating and Subaru's gonna have to take the hit for idiots who like to blow things out of proportion. *sigh*

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